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Where is the OUTRAGE

People gather outside a mosque in central Christchurch, New Zealand. (Mark Baker / AP)

When people think about churches, synagogues and masques, the image that comes to mind is normally one of prayer, peace, smiles and worship. Though each place belongs to different worship groups, they are all considered safe places for people to attend and fellowship. Over the last few weeks, this hasn’t been the case. Two religions, Christian and Muslim, two separate acts of violence—one talked about the other ignored by Main Stream Media.

As of February 120 Christians have been murdered in churches and hunted down in villages by Nigeria Fulani, located in Africa. This seems like a world away from the United States. However global standards show this phenomena is becoming a standard norm in Africa, thanks to recent laws that have declared war on the Caucasian. In these particular cases, the violence is committed by the Muslims of the land. Still, mainstream media is silent when it comes to the human rights violations committed in the name of Allah.

What the Main Stream Media isn’t quiet about is tragedy that struck New Zeeland at two Masques when a shooter opened fire, ultimately killing 50 people. The mainstream media went after the story with the same zealous nature as the shooter who killed the innocent people involved—even though the count is at least two times lower than those that happened in the Christian provinces of Africa.

This leads to the question, is the mainstream media’s liberal biased covering up the knowledge of the oppression of the Christian and Caucasian people of Africa because it doesn’t fit the narrative that white people and Christians can’t have any kind of biased oppression against them? If so, then what about those who flee Pakistan and other Muslim countries in the name of religious freedom because worshiping God and reading the Bible would lead to their death?

It has become standard practice to ignore the plight of a people based on religious preferences. If you are a Muslim, then it is obvious that you are oppressed; if you are a Christian, then there is no way you can be oppressed. When the facts are shown to be different from the narrative, the phrase—What about the Crusades is thrown around. Yes, those who hate Christianity take mistakes made all the way back in 1492 and use that to justify their actions and feelings against the religion. While at the same time, the quote religion of peace has taken it upon themselves to impose their way of life on many countries through both violent and non-violent methods.

Another topic that has become all too prevalent in the Main Stream Media is racism. There are huge ratings for racist acts around the world…so long as the victim is a non-white individual. In South Africa, politicians have literally called for the death of, “White women and their children.” The Daily Mail reports that Andile Mngxitama told a cheering crowd “We’ll kill their children, we’ll kill their women, we’ll kill anything we can find in our way.” Again, Main Stream Media remained silent because it didn’t fit the global narrative that white people are the only race that can be racist. The truth is that the MSM has not only pushed divisive rhetoric but it also invents divisive news and other propaganda in order to push their agenda.

The question remains, are we at war with Islam? The fact is that Hitler had a major ally with Islam during WW2. This is a fact that is often ignored when discussing the issues with the Muslim religion. Imams have gone on live television and shouted for the death of infidels—still MSM remains quiet about it. Those who call out against this kind of thinking are labeled Islamophobic and hate filled. This label keeps a real discussion from happening around the world and silences people who speak out against the quiet invasion Islam has pressed upon many countries.

The same can be said about the insane individual from Australia who gunned down the Masque when he decided to put his manifesto out minutes after the attack. His manifesto was filled with hate toward the Muslim community and even said how the Main Stream Media was going to react. Unfortunately he was half correct with the way MSM chose to act. The face of the gunman is all over the news. His manifesto has been shared like wildfire on the internet and it has helped with the spread of the word Islamophobic. And I agree, anyone who walks into a mosque to kill innocent people is not only a coward but an Islamophobic as well. The gunman did nothing but assist in the agenda some Muslims feel is their ordained mission in life. That is to have the entire world become Muslim and be ruled by sharia law.

The sad truth to all of this is someone, somewhere in the middle wants a war between the Muslim and Christian faiths; and while the MSM is busy promoting their narrative, the rest of us are caught in the middle. The United States has been known as a place of tolerance and understanding. Throughout history it has become a safe haven for all religions from the Jewish faith, Christian faith and yes, even the Muslim faith. Religious freedom has always been a part of the foundation of this country. While yes it is the foundation, it can’t be ignored that even here, Christianity is attacked on basic levels.

A young girl was suspended from school for posting quotes from the Bible. A baker in Colorado was sued because he didn’t want to bake a cake that went against his religion. There are even more instances but that is not the point of the article. The point is the double standard the Main Stream Media takes when it comes to how the two faiths are treated. Muslims make demands based on their religion and we are supposed to cater to their needs or be labeled Islamophobic. While on the other hand, Christians are supposed to do as they are told by the liberal media or suffer the consequences and deal with Main Stream Media.

We have to assume those refugees who arrived here instead of an Islamic nation, came here because they loved the way of life we have here. That means they are supposed to assimilate to the way the United States is, not the try to change us into them. That doesn’t happen though. The Main Stream Media never really picks up stories where normal everyday citizens are mistreated by the group simply because they are Muslim. That’s where the biased narrative starts.

Where is the narrative when hundreds of Christians are killed? Where is the outrage when lives are taken simply because they are white? Where is the UN council when it comes to the human rights violations against women in Islam controlled countries? Where are the marches when Christian children are killed while they sleep in a little village in Africa? Where is the outrage against the antisemitic behaviors coming from the very congress that was elected? Finally, when are we going to stand up and say we have had enough? We all have one thing in common, we share a planet. When are we going to act like it?

The truth is, that no one should walk into a place of worship and feel anything but safe. No child should go to school and fear for their lives. No single person in this country should fear walking down the street because of their color. There isn’t a single excuse for the violence that has occurred world wide because of religion. The only thing all of these have in common is hate and fear. Those who commit violent acts no matter what the reason have only one desire deep down—to spread fear.

If the Main Stream Media would go back to fair, honest, balanced reporting, it would force all of us caught in the middle to unite against these senseless acts of violence; but then the ratings would drop and those in charge would lose their propaganda machine that sends out the divisive material in order to provoke a response.

As a nation we should take our power back and stop watching the Main Stream Media and remember that the atrocities that happen to one happen to all of us. We should remind them who has the real power and show them what it is like when our people, no matter the religion, unite. As a Christian, I am tired of the biased nature when it comes to coverage. More important than that, I’m tired of the way our two religions are pitted against one another.

The only reason they are allowed to get away with it, is we let them. We even encourage it.

It’s time we stop.

CTM News | By Joann H. Buchanan

19th March 2019

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