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U.S. airlines warn on travel recovery while awaiting fresh aid

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Major U.S. airlines warned on Wednesday that travel demand will continue to languish until there is a widespread COVID-19 vaccine while awaiting developments in Washington for additional federal aid.

U.S. airlines received $25 billion in payroll grants under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in March and have been lobbying for a six-month extension to protect tens of thousands of jobs that are at risk when the first round expires this month.

Union leaders met with senior congressional Democrats to discuss a second round of aid after a proposal from the Republican-led U.S. Senate on Tuesday for additional coronavirus relief did not include new government assistance for U.S. airlines or airports.

Republicans and Democrats have been jockeying for months over the next phase of coronavirus aid. Discussions are expected to accelerate in the coming weeks, officials said, though it was not clear whether an agreement would be reached before the first $25 billion runs out this month.

Airlines continue to suffer a drastic downturn in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the largest carriers each burning through around $1 billion of cash each month.

9 September 2020

News Source Reuters

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