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'Twilight' rises again, this time as a concert tour

“Twilight” is coming back from the dead with a live concert that will tour the world.

Movie studio Lionsgate on Thursday announced that the vampire book and movie romance that had millions of hearts swooning is being adapted for an international live to film event.

The “Twilight in Concert” tour will feature a full orchestra performing the original movie score timed to a screening of the first of the five “Twilight” films.

The “Twilight” movie franchise, based on the best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer, tells the story of American teenager Bella Swan who falls in love with mysterious Edward Cullen, who is a vampire.

The five movies, released between 2008-2012, took some $3.3 billion at the global box office and launched the careers of actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Meyer’s four novels have sold more than 120 million copies worldwide.


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