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Trump visits California, Biden talks global climate change as wildfires shift campaign focus


President Donald Trump will visit California on Monday to be briefed about its devastating wildfires while Democratic rival Joe Biden plans a speech on the matter from Delaware, bringing global climate change to the forefront of the presidential campaign.

Trump, a Republican who pulled us out of the Paris accord on heating because he found it too costly, has blamed poor forest management for the fires that are raging around the West Coast but has authorized federal disaster aid.

Democrats have said that global climate change plays a task, and Biden is predicted to stress that in his remarks.

A spate of deadly and destructive wildfires have swept California, Oregon, and Washington this summer, destroying thousands of homes and a couple of small towns, burning quite 4 million acres, and killing quite twenty-four people since early August.

Trump is heading to McClellan Park, California to satisfy with local and federal officials for an appointment about the fires. California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat frequently targeted by the president, will attend before leaving to separately tour fire areas, Politico reported, citing officials from his office. the 2 also spoke last week. Representatives for Newsom couldn't be immediately reached.

14 September 2020

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