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Trump said G-7 'unity' on Iran after unannounced invite

REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

President Donald Trump said he gave his approval for Iran's top diplomat to make an unannounced appearance on the margins of the G-7 summit, denying Monday that he was surprised or angered and claiming "unity" with the other leaders.

Trump would not say if any Americans met with Zarif during the foreign minister's brief time in Biarritz on Sunday. Some of the U.S. sanctions directly target Zarif.

"It's all very new," Trump said.

Macron announced the leaders had agreed to a $20 million fund to help South American countries fight unprecedented fires in the Amazon, as well as a long-term global initiative to protect the rainforest there and potentially in Africa.

The French leader's announcement came after a late morning session on the climate that Trump skipped.

Macron was careful to note that Trump sent aides to the climate session, which the French president led.

Seated alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump claimed "great unity" among the leaders on the subject of Iran.

"We've come to a conclusion, more or less. But the biggest part of the conclusion: They can't have nuclear weapons," he said.

That conclusion was one world leaders reached long ago and the purpose of the 2015 accord, which took years to negotiate.

It was not clear when precisely Macron extended the invitation to Zarif or when he informed the others that the Iranian was on his way. Trump said he and Macron spoke directly.

26th August 2019

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