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Trump is set to officially announce his 2020 bid on Tuesday at a rally in Orlando

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Trump is about to officially announce his 2020 bid on tuesday at a rally in orlando, florida, wherein advisers stated he aims to connect the dots between the promise of his disruptive first-time candidacy and his goals for another term in the White House . His guarantees to rock the ship of state at the moment are more than an abstract pledge, although, complex by way of his tumultuous 29 months at its helm.

“We’re taking on the failed political establishment and restoring government of, by and for the people,” Trump said in a video released by his campaign Monday to mark his relaunch. “It’s the people, you’re the people, you won the election.”

Those concerned within the president’s reelection effort trust that his brash model of populism, combined together with his mantra to “drain the swamp,” nevertheless resonates, no matter his management’s cozy ties with lobbyists and companies and the trump own family’s obvious efforts to earnings off the presidency.

“He’s still not viewed as a politician,” said Jason Miller, Trump’s 2016 senior communications adviser. “Voters don’t define him by the party label, they define him by his policies and his message of shaking up the status quo in Washington. That’s the biggest reason he was able to win blue states in 2016.”

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18th June 2019

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