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Trump defends a plan to close the border

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Mick Mulvani, the White House acting chief of staff, defended President Trump's threat to end aid to three Central American states and close parts of the US border with Mexico next week and said on Sunday it was necessary. “something dramatic” to prevent Mr. Trump from implementing that plan.

The President threatened to close the border and cut off aid from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, known as the North Triangle, several times before and did not comply.

But this week, encouraged by what his aides said was recognition by the two parties of the problem at the border, Mr. Trump ratcheted up his language.

“I’m not playing games,” he told reporters during a weekend in Florida, A week later, he continued berating the the Democratic Party for what he called lax immigration laws and attacked countries he accused of doing little to stem the flow of migrants traveling to the north and scorning individual travelers seeking asylum as part of the “big fat con job.”

CTM News | 31st March 2019

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