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Trump clarifies comments on foreign ‘dirt,’ says heat should be on Dems for 2016 spying

© Leah Millis President Donald Trump speaks during a working lunch with governors in the White House Cabinet Room on June 13, 2019.

President Trump on Friday sought to clarify his controversial comments indicating he would take information on political rivals from foreign countries, saying on "Fox & Friends" that he could report such conversations to the FBI -- while arguing the heat should really be on Democrats for the alleged spying on his 2016 campaign.

"If I was, and of course you have to look at it because if you don't look at it you're not going to know if it's bad ... of course you give it to the FBI or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that. But of course you’d do that, you couldn't have that happen with our country," he said.

Trump had said in an interview with ABC News earlier this week that he would listen to information from foreign governments, saying that "there isn't anything wrong with listening." He also gave conflicting answers on whether he'd contact the FBI, saying at one point that he would not.

On Friday, he seemed to say he'd report it to the FBI, at least if he sensed something was wrong. "If I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated, I'd report it to the attorney general, the FBI, I'd report it to law enforcement absolutely."

Fox News

14th June 2019

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