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Trump: America’s story is “the greatest political journey in human history”

President Donald Trump looks up during the military flyovers at the Independence Day celebration in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Thursday, July 4, 2019, in Washington. The Washington Monument is in the background. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

president Donald Trump celebrated the Story of the United States of America “the best political journey in human history” in a fourth of July commemoration before a soggy but cheering crowd of spectators, many of them invited, on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial.

supporters welcomed his tribute to u.s. Navy and Military at the same time protesters assailed him for placing himself center stage on a vacation committed to solidarity.

As rain fell on him, trump called on Americans to“stay true to our cause” during a program that adhered to patriotic subject matters and hailed an eclectic mix of history’s heroes, from the military, space, civil rights and other endeavors of American life.

President Trump vowed, “Very soon, we will plant the American flag on Mars,” actually a distant goal not likely to be achieved until late in the 2020s if even then.

A past due afternoon downpour soaking wet the capital’s independence day crowds, and trump’s speech unfolded in occasional rain. the warplanes and presidential plane he had summoned performed their flyovers as planned, capped by using the military blue angels aerobatics group.

By adding his own one-hour “Salute to America” production to capital festivities that typically draw hundreds of thousands of people anyway, President Trump have become the first US President in nearly seven decades to address a nation on the national mall at the fourth of july.

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5th July 2019

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