Trump accused backers of the Russia Probe tried to steal power illegally

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

In his first political gathering since the end of the investigation into complicity in Russia, President Donald Trump accused supporters of the Russia probe on Thursday of trying to overturn the 2016 election and trying to claim "illegally" power.

By announcing that the country was "hurt" in the investigation, Trump described his opponents as "losers" and celebrated the fact that the investigation was over.

“After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead. The collusion delusion is over,” he told a crowd of thousands at a Grand Rapids arena.

“The Russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent Americans – many of them, they suffered – with an elaborate hoax,” he said.

On Sunday, Attorney General William Bar released A summary of the report, consisting of more than 300 pages of the Special Adviser Robert Mueller achieved in about Russia's role in the elections in 2016 did not prove that the investigation members of the Trump conspired with Russia during the election campaign.

These results Delighted and his inner circle of President, who spent the first two years of his administration in the face of a cloud of uncertainty about how to win a businessman in New York and the emerging policy in the White House.

With this largely raised cloud, Trump was unrestricted and called those who supported the investigation and referred to the acts of bad treachery by his opponents.

Trump reconsidered the issue at the rally, hitting the media and the Democrats and demanding accountability.

“These are sick people and there has to be accountability because it’s all lies and they know it’s lies,” Trump said.

For the president, the meeting culminated in a week of rejoicing over the results of the investigation that he had repeatedly called a "witch hunt" and overflew his origins.

Trump's advisers, who are not known to abandon grudges easily, have debated the merits of persecuting the president's opponents and those he blames for triggering the investigation rather than claiming a victory, moving forward and using the momentum of the good news to strengthen his bid for re-election.

In the boisterous and noisy Michigan arena, a political state that Trump wants to win again in 2020, the opinion of the crowd was clear. TRUMP IS WINING 2020.

Thousands of supporters, many wearing red hats, applauded "Make America Great again," when the president criticized his opponents.

But they seemed very keen to encourage politics, shouting loudly when he assured them that he was building a wall along the Mexican-American border and promised to secure the border.

The industrial state, along with Pennsylvania, helped push Trump, the Republican, to its possible victory in 2016.

The excitement of the crowd underscored Trump's risk of going away from explaining his chagrin on the Muller probe. Some consultants believe that their best choice is to focus on a strong economy and succeed in implementing management priorities such as tax audits.

CTM News | 29th March 2019

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