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Three omnipresent factors dominate on Capitol Hill: Upcoming Congressional testimony of Mueller

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Three omnipresent factors dominate the entirety on capitol hill. they’re known as “the 3 p’s.” politics, policy and procedure.

politicians might also quibble as to whether or not the politics are right approximately a difficulty. are individuals politically in keeping with their districts or states on a topic? maybe so. perhaps not. they don’t need to be. and, if a lawmaker strays too some distance afield from his or her electorate, they regularly pay the fee.

Lawmakers struggle continuously about coverage. that is the right technique for protection. no, that is the proper policy for protection. no, you’re both wrong. pols may be at odds over a way to manage problems at the border, immigration, health care or maybe the debt ceiling. their disposition can be right or improper. however, it doesn’t rely on. lawmakers shouldn't be right at the rules they help or reject.

And then there is procedure.

Congress and Senate precedent is Congress and Senate precedent. the most effective one of the 3 p’s which should be on target is the Procedure.

This brings us to subsequent Wednesday's hearings with unique recommend Robert Mueller earlier than the house judiciary and intelligence committees. the committees are nonetheless negotiating with Mueller's crew about the structure of the hearing. to start with, Mueller changed into only willing to come underneath a subpoena. so, the house issued a subpoena. now, Mueller's agreed to handiest put up to 2 hours of questioning apiece for each panels. but two hours might not be sufficient.

The judiciary committee is constituted of 41 members: 24 democrats and 17 republicans. if the committee abides through the house rule, that’s 205 minutes of q&a alone. 3 hours and 25 minutes. and things on capitol hill always devour a good deal greater time than predicted.

Things are a bit higher for the intelligence committee. that panel has 22 members: 13 democrats and 9 republicans. that could entail a hundred and ten mins or an hour and 50 minutes. still, there’s no longer a lot wiggle room.

So, Mueller is coming subsequent Wednesday. the politics of getting Mueller to come might be proper or wrong. the coverage stances of democrats and republicans at the Russia probe can be right or wrong.

and if they handiest stick to two hours for each committee – thwarting many members from asking questions below house policies, the technique is wrong.

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12th July 2019

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