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Thirty men sentenced for Egyptian church attack plot

Egyptian army soldiers stand guard during a New Year's Eve mass at Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Cairo, Egypt December 31, 2017.. (photo credit: REUTERS/MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY)

Islamic State claimed responsibility for suicide bombings on churches in Alexandria and Tanta in April 2017 that left 45 people dead.

Thirty men were sentenced to life imprisonment for 10 years on Saturday for planning a suicide bombing on a church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria and other charges, the court official said.

The authorities said at the time of their arrest that the defendants had adopted the ideas of the Islamic State Group and had received training abroad and in Egypt.

20 of the defendants who appeared before the court and dressed in white prison did not respond to the sentences, and the lawyers representing them were not immediately suspended. The remaining 10 are still in hiding and sentenced in absentia.

The attack on the church did not happen. But the Christian minority has faced a series of attacks in Alexandria and other parts of Egypt in recent years.

CTM News | 30th March 2019

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