The series of new revelations about how the 2020 election unfolded in Fulton County, Georgia

A series of new disclosures about how the 2020 election unfolded in Fulton County, Georgia, show the need for an audit, a lawyer representing voters in the state says.

The county acknowledged the loss of absentee ballot transfer forms last week, prompting Georgia Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger to announce that his office is investigating. State investigators have been investigating the secret ballot since late last year after polling monitors said they noticed what appeared to be fraudulent ballot papers, as revealed this month. The notes were first published by an election observer appointed by Ravensberger, showing that the observer experienced serious problems such as scanning ballot papers that had already been counted.

The attorney added that ten accredited examiners are ready to analyze every absentee ballot cast in the county in the 2020 election. They will see if the cards were filled out by hand or with a printer.

Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero, who is overseeing the case, later said that petitioners could go to the county's ballot storage warehouse and watch workers take photos of ballot papers in higher resolution. high, allowing experts like Sawyer to conduct a more detailed investigation. deep analysis.

However, Amero canceled the scheduled visit after the county filed motions to dismiss. County lawyers and Cheeley were among those arguing their cases in court on June 21. Amero did not immediately decide whether to dismiss the case. He said he wanted to take time to mull over what was presented.

If granted, the review will be one of the largest independent reviews in the country to be conducted after the 2020 election.

During the hearing, a county attorney revealed that the Ravensberger office was investigating "all complaints" about the county's handling of the election, including what happened at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, where many votes were counted. It also revealed that an investigator from the office had "drawn the specific lottery" identified by the petitioners and their witnesses as part of an investigation that had not been publicly discussed until this week.

CTM News

23 June 2021

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