The media asks soft questions to Psaki Softball: Kayleigh McEnany

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany commented on Fox News' Sunday Night in America about the difference between the treatment she received from the media versus president Joe Biden's press secretary Jen Psaki.

Because I came from a campaign background, I tried to clear my mind of what I knew about media. As McEnany outlined, media coverage was unequal. As expressed by 56% of Americans, I agree that journalists actively fabricate stories to fit their own narrative.

Jen Psaki also gets "softball questions" from the liberal media, whereas the liberal media's questions are "very caustic" and "very personal" for me. McEnany said.

"However, I decided to restart, so I went in and attempted to have a fresh start."What followed were very caustic questions, very personal,” she continued. In contrast, you compare that with some of the questions Jen Psaki has been asked about a dog biting incident with the White House. Questions have been raised about the White Housecat. The Air Force One color scheme is being discussed. These are stupid questions that don't help the American people. I believe that fair press lies somewhere between the softballs Jen Psaki gets and the tough questions I get - somewhere in the middle."

6 December 2021

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