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The centrist fear that the Socialism Democrats will cost the House of Representatives in 2020

© Andrew Harnik/AP Photo Two House freshmen, Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood (left) and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (Va.), both dismissed concerns that their more vocal Democratic colleagues will complicated their reelection chances.

The moderate Democrats who cast a majority in the House of Representatives want to know that they are not Alex Ocácio Cortez or Rachida Talib or Elhan Omar.

They did not blindly sign the "green new deal". Were not widely accused of anti-Semitism. They are not hungry to sack President Donald Trump.

They are on the front lines of the battlefield, defending the majority of members of the House of Representatives. Many die-hard Democrats already see their outspoken colleagues as a possible obstacle to their re-election in 2020.

"As the presidential elections approach, we need to show that Democrats, as a whole, are not socialists," said Rep. Katie Hill, who last November overturned the southern California boycott of Republicans in the previous quarter. Century. "We do not press for dismissal without serious reason and serious evidence."

CTM News | 15th March 2019

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