Texas Democrats Flee State to Stop Election reform bill

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Democratic state lawmakers are trying to prevent Republicans from passing a bill that tightens access to the vote during a special session that began last week.

Republicans rush to pass new election laws in a special session convened by Republican Governor Greg Abbott after efforts to pass the bill collapsed during the previous session earlier this year. Their first attempt was undermined by power struggles in the Republican Party and the House Democrats who left at the last minute.

A source familiar with the plans said some lawmakers would travel to Washington to meet with members of Congress.

Last week, several Texan Democrats cast the specter of organizing another pull-out to try to repeal the legislation. But since the state legislative session lasts 30 days, they will have to stay out of Texas for weeks.

VoteBeat, a publication focused on voting and election management, first reported on its withdrawal plans.

CTM News

12 July 2021

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