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Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepares to send President Trump impeachment charges to the Senate for trial

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The Democrats-Controlled US Congress is expected to send formal Impeachment charges against President Trump to the Republican-Controlled Senate this week, as majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell has pledged to help absolve his Republican colleague.

Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday that the House of Representatives will discuss on Tuesday morning how to move forward, and the House will likely voting to send the charges to the Senate later that day.

President Trump appeared on Sunday to reverse his position on how the Senate should proceed. President Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday that a full trial would give the Democrats who followed the accusation undue credibility, and noted his support for the Senate simply to reject the charges without trial.

Mitch McConnell certainly did not explain how the Senate would conduct the trial.

The Senate, which can open a trial quickly after charges are received in the House of Representatives, plans to meet every day except for Sundays every week to implement the procedures, and may start every day at noon Eastern Time (1700 GMT) and operate until 5 pm or 6 pm local time ( 2200 or 2300 GMT), according to congressional aides.

13 Jan 2020

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