South Carolina Senate passes bill adding firing squad to methods of implementation

The South Carolina Senate passed a bill on March 2 adding a death squad as an alternative method of executing death row inmates.

A bipartisan group of members of parliament voted in favor of the bill by 32 to 11. The measure, which would allow the state to re-carry out executions after nearly a decade, stipulates that the death squad method could be used if it could not carry out an execution in the South Carolina Prisoners by lethal injection.

According to The State, the South Carolina Senate voted to give the measure a second reading before it passes to the chamber. Court records show that a second reading has been completed.

Actualmente, Carolina del Sur no puede colocar a los reclusos en el corredor de la muerte porque su suministro de medicamentos de inyección letal ha expirado y no ha podido comprar más debido a la escasez en todo el país. La última ejecución de Carolina del Sur fue en mayo de 2011.


3 March 2021

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