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Senator Bob Hall: The current Democrat Party is anti-Christian religion

Updated: May 12, 2019

In Interview to CTM Texas Republican Senator Bob Hall said, "I am first a Christian, second a Constitutional Conservative and third a Republican. If the Republican Party ever abandons God like the Democrats have done, I will be just a Christian Conservative"

Senator Bob added " The current Democrat Party is anti Christian religion, pro-choice, anti-free speech and prefers socialism over a constitutional republican form of government. I will never understand how a person who identifies as a Democrat can sit in a church pew on Sunday and then vote for someone who would kill a baby in the womb, yet be opposed to the death penalty for a serial rapist-murderer".

You can read his full Interview with Christian Times Magazine on 18th May 2019

Interview by Charles Lingerfelt, Vice President, Managing Editor & Sr. Associate Publisher

Christian Times Magazine

CTM News | 10th May 2019

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