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Seattle Police Seized a van containing Explosives at Weekend Protests

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Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said the department is launching an investigation following the discovery of the weapons in a van at the July 25 protest.

Best explained that a group of protesters headed to the Youth Service Center over the weekend and tossed “incendiary devices, Molotov cocktails,” into a construction site, destroying several trailers.

The group then moved to the East Precinct. A van reportedly followed them, and people were spotted “removing items and distributing them to people within the group.”

The items described, according to the police chief, included “baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks.”

“Moments later an explosion blew an 8-inch hole into the wall of the East Precinct,” Best said. “Because of the manner in which the vehicle was parked and abandoned, there was a real fear that it would contain explosive devices that could detonate.”

Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, have defended the demonstrations in Portland and nationwide as “peaceful protests,” though some began to walk that back this week. Biden clarified on Tuesday: “Peaceful protesters should be protected, and arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted.”

30 July 2020

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