Public schools in New York City will begin to reopen with the weekly COVID-19 test

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday that public schools in New York City will begin reopening their doors for personalized learning on December 7, starting with elementary schools for students whose parents agree to a weekly testing regime for the novel coronavirus.

Schools, which make up the largest school system in the country, closed their doors less than two weeks ago after the citywide rate for positive coronavirus tests exceeded the 3% benchmark agreed to by the mayor and the teachers’ union.

“It's a new approach because we now have a lot of evidence of how safe schools are,” de Blasio told reporters, noting that the 3% standard has been scrapped, citing research showing that young children appear to be less likely to contract COVID-19. . On Sunday, de Blasio said, the city's seven-day moving average of positive tests was 3.9%.


29 November 2020

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