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Protests continue over proposed telescope on Hawaii’s highest peak

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Close to 2,000 demonstrators have gathered near an access road in Hawaii to protest the construction of a telescope on sacred ground.

Construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope was set to begin last week on Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano, and at 13,803 feet, Hawaii’s highest peak. However, the peak is considered sacred ground for native Hawaiians.

“It is without a doubt one of our most sacred places in all of Hawaii,” Kaho’okahi Kanuha, a protest leader, told CNN.

He said that the land had already been “desecrated” by other observatories.

"We are taking a stand not only to protect our mauna and aina, our land, who we have a genealogical connection to," Kanuha said. "We are fighting to protect it because we know if we cannot stop this, there is not very much we can fight for or protect."

22nd July 2019

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