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President Trump vs. Speaker Pelosi: Impeachment showdown will test nation

Douglas Christian/ZUMA

Now, by deciding to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into him. Speaker Pelosi and President Trump are combatants in the historic showdown that will test the nation and form the legacy of two of the most influential US politicians of the day.

The president has approached her with what seems to be respected. At one point, he even offered to provide Republican votes to help her win the election as Speaker. although now he is complaining bitterly about the course she is taking as a "new Witch Hunt!"

They are members of the same generation; she is 79, he is 73. He is the great leader of a Republican Party; she is the nation’s highest-ranking Democrat and the party’s de facto leader.

But it is hard to imagine two leaders with such different styles and such different strengths and weaknesses.

Pelosi announced her decision last week in a setting reminiscent of presidents making grave declarations from the White House. She stood outside her suite of offices in the Capitol

Trump, who was in New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, responded to the news with outrage to reporters and on Twitter.

"PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!" he tweeted then. On Sunday morning, he vowed to defeat Democratic House members from congressional districts friendly to him if they vote for impeachment. "Will happen to all of those seeking unlawful impeachment in 50 Trump type Districts," he tweeted, predicting, "We will win big!"

30th September 2019