President Biden Announces Gun Control Executive Orders

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Joe Biden announced plans to tackle armed violence by pushing for tighter restrictions. In the Rose Garden on Thursday, Biden described gun violence in the United States as an "epidemic" and an "international stigma." Their new orders deal with so-called "ghost weapons," which are usually homemade or 3D printed and are known to not contain serial numbers.

Biden then asked the Justice Department to impose stricter rules regarding handgun carriers and called for a ban on offensive weapons and high-capacity ammunition. It also suggested removing liability protection for weapons manufacturers.

Biden said: "There are false arguments indicating that these are the Second Amendment rights that we are talking about." But there is no amendment and no amendment to the constitution is absolute. You cannot shout "fire" in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the start, you didn't have any weapons that you wanted. From the start, the Second Amendment was in place, and some people were not allowed to own weapons. So the idea is strange to indicate that some of the things we recommend are inconsistent with the constitution. "


8 April 2021

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