Police kill gunman who killed four in a shooting spree in the Denver area

Photo Source @KDVR

Several people were shot and killed including a police officer in a shooting spree in the Denver area on Monday that ended with police killing the shooter, police said.

Police spokesman John Romero says the gunman drove into Lakewood and shot and killed a fourth person in an unspecified business there.

The gunman fled from Lakewood police when they attempted to pull him over and engaged in a running gun battle with officers before fleeing on foot and entering a hotel, where he shot and wounded a clerk, Romero said.

Shots were fired at two other sites nearby, killing one man, police said. Denver police then identified the suspected shooter’s car and exchanged gunfire with the driver — no officers were injured, but the suspect fled into the neighboring suburb of Lakewood “after disabling the police car.”

The gunman then encountered and shot a Lakewood police officer, who was undergoing surgery late Monday, Romero said. A shootout ensued, Romero said, adding that the shooter was “taken down” and pronounced dead at the scene but that he was “still unsure exactly if it was by Lakewood police or not.”

“We ask everybody in our community for their thoughts and prayers for that agent and their family,” Romero said of the officer who was shot.

28 Dec 2021

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