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Patricia Heaton Slams Media Over Treatment of Covington Catholic Students

Actress Patricia Heaton called out the media for its treatment of a group of Catholic high school boys at the March for Life Friday after evidence surfaced contradicting a story they had already propagated making the students appear to be racists.

The media ran with a short video clip that purportedly showed the students, who were wearing MAGA hats, laughing and chanting at a Native American man. The viral video prompted widespread backlash, including some calling for the boys to be doxxed.

Later, after longer video was circulated and eyewitnesses spoke up, it became clear that the story the media so quickly ran with was entirely false.

Many who did jump the gun ended up apologizing, which is welcome, Heaton said, but the fact is the damage had already been done.

Heaton said an apology wasn't enough given the damage inflicted on the students by those who spread the story, arguing that some sort of action must accompany the apology.

Ultimately, though, she said she does not believe that will happen--and she's probably right.

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