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Nicole Kidman Takes Her Children to Church and Says Others “Tease Her” Because of It

“I’m far more raw and honest now, because before I used to be so scared…. It’s not safe to do that sometimes, because you’re suddenly exposed. But at the same time, it makes you feel closer to people.”

Actress Nicole Kidman is a mother of four, the wife of country singer Keith Urban, Australian citizen and a celebrated Hollywood actress. Kidman was featured on the cover of VANITY FAIR’s May issue where she shared about her family, career, religious beliefs, and, to the surprise of some, the decision to raise her children in the church.

“Kidman finds herself crying a lot these days.” The article says. “She has a strong belief in God and isn’t afraid to say it out loud.” Because of this, Kidman states, “a lot of my friends tease me.” The article continues, “the Kidman-Urbans go to church as a family.” Kidman added, “that’s how we are raising our children.”


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