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New York's Cuomo says 'time to wake up, America' as other states see COVID-19 spikes

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday criticized states that reopened their economies before getting the novel coronavirus under control, saying there was “undeniable, irrefutable evidence” those states made a mistake.

Cuomo told a briefing that states that followed guidance from the White House are now seeing a spike in cases, arguing that New York was able to get the virus under control by taking a scientific, rather than a political, approach.

“What’s going on in this country is now frightening and revealing at the same time,” Cuomo said. “I say it is time to wake up, America, and look at the undeniable facts.”

Earlier on Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered bars to close down again and restaurants to scale back service, reversing course due to a surge of new infections.

26 June 2020

News Source Reuters

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