Nancy Pelosi rebukes members for violating health protocols

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was recently re-elected to reprimand members for their strict commitment to "adhering to appropriate health and safety guidelines" in the House of Representatives in the lesser era of the Chinese Coronavirus 24 hours after the exception was made, allowing exposed lawmakers to breach the quarantine to vote in Choose the speaker, who won by a majority less than.

On Monday, the president told members of the House of Representatives, according to a congressional reporter, "With a sense of urgency, I am writing about adhering to appropriate health and safety guidelines on the ground, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic." From Fox News, Chad Bergram.

Pelosi explained that "an unexpected intervention last night related to the failure in the seats of members of the states subject to the challenge in counting the votes led to members ignoring the Chamber's procedures that were put in place to preserve the safety of the members." He pointed out that "the intervention was not an invitation to meet the floor."

Pelosi's warning came on the heels of exceptions to lawmakers, who were supposed to be in quarantine due to exposure to the virus, allowing them to vote in narrow polls on Sunday. The exposed members reportedly used a separate entrance and a "safe compound" to cast their votes.


4 January 2021

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