Michael Moore: "You can't be stupid than Texas"

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore criticized the state of Texas, which is currently in a fatal crisis, with millions suffering from power and water cuts due to a devastating winter storm, describing it as "stupid" and concluding that "brutality is everything that is going on around Texas."

"His [Rush Limbaugh] show was a daily place people could go to be more stupid and ignorant," Moore said. "The more stupid the people, the better, the better those in power are to manipulate them and control the situation. And my friends, they couldn't be more stupid than Texas."

"It's tragic what we're seeing this week in Texas, but it's the result of leaders there that I don't think is that stupid. I think they know exactly what they've always been doing," accusing them of "trying to make their people stupid with a bad education system."


19 Feb 2021

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