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Meghan Markle pal Mandy Moore reveals surprising history with the royal:'It was another lifetime ago

Mandy Moore got nostalgic when she was handed a decade-old photo of herself sitting with the future royal. The 2006 picture featured a group of about six people posing for a photo — with the one and only Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, spotted on one end.

Moore gasped as she stared at the photo, which was given to her during a recent interview with Access. The "This Is Us" star pointed out Markle, 37, in the picture and explained how they were first introduced.

“Her ex-husband was a producer on a movie that I worked on, so I met her back in 2006 and spent a lot of time with them, a lot of time with her, and she is a lovely, generous woman,” Moore, 34, said.

Markle's ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced in September 2013 after two years of marriage, was a producer on the 2007 romantic comedy "License to Wed" featuring Moore and Robin Williams, according to People.

“We spent quite a bit of time – I think we spent New Year’s with them that year. We spent some time over the summer in the Hamptons with them," she revealed.

The singer-actress praised Markle for being a "lovely, generous woman."

And while they aren't as close — figuratively and literally — Moore said she has nothing but best wishes for the Duchess. In fact, she even said she exchanged some recent emails with Markle before she got married to Prince Harry in May.

"I'm so excited to see how her life has evolved and she seems extremely happy," Moore said. "Once she got engaged I reached out and said congratulations. She was very kind and said

she likes 'This Is Us.'"

In reality, Moore said, she's just a "normal girl."

"It was another lifetime ago," Moore added.

Source: www.foxnews.com

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