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McDaniels travels tens of thousands of miles to urge delegates to support Trump

Ronna Romney McDaniel is pictured. | AP Photo

President Trump’s aggressive campaign to lock down delegates to the 2020 Republican

Nomination Conference in Charlotte, NC, sent the party's top officer to six-day, 20,000-mile distance in remote American areas in the Pacific.

Rona McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, was named Wednesday as a fund-raiser for the GOP in Hawaii, near Honolulu, following events earlier this week with local officials and business leaders in Guam, the US territory in the Western Pacific. Hold presidential contests and select delegates the National Convention, even though they do not vote in the general elections.

McDaniel's trip, the first of its kind for the chairman of RNC, is part of the broader thrust of Trump's campaign to secure loyal delegates to the conference and block major challenges like Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, who announced his bid in 2020 on Monday RNC for the rules and their right to be named for Charlotte's nomination , which would not bring Trump down, but he might embarrass him.

CTM News | 17th April 2019

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