Marlins sweep the Cubs to continue the surprising season

The Miami Marlins, the team no one expected to play this year, defeated the Chicago Cubs and advanced to the second division.

In a season full of surprises for Miami, some good and bad gripping cubs definitely fall into the good category. This comes after a season plagued by the Corona virus where the Marilyn family was only looking for warm bodies that could fill in uniforms, this is more surprising.

None of this feels like luck. Marlins performed well on Friday, deciding and delivering key defensive matches en route to a 2--0 win. The 5--1 win in Game 1 also followed decisively towards Marlins.

These Marlins are no longer a cat. They beat the COVID panic and are now a legitimate threat in a playoff match.

On Friday, they had a great outing from Sixto Sanchez, 22, who gave five innings without goals, hit six and had seven pitches that crossed 100 mph on the radar.


02 oct 2020

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