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Many Trump nominations already were stalled. The pandemic has made it worse

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By now, David Tryon had expected to be a two-year veteran at the Small Business Administration, an agency at the heart of the U.S. government’s coronavirus relief effort as it disburses more than $650 billion in loans for struggling small companies. But the Ohio attorney, nominated by President Donald Trump in October 2017 as the SBA’s chief counsel for advocacy, has remained in limbo awaiting a Senate confirmation vote. In the meantime, the position - intended to advance the concerns of small businesses to the White House, Congress, federal courts, and states - has remained without a Senate-confirmed occupant. “There’s so much discussion about how do we help small businesses survive in this environment,” Tryon said in an interview. “And this is exactly what the office of advocacy should be doing now.” The pandemic has worsened an extensive backlog in the Senate’s consideration of Trump’s nominees for a long list of top administration positions. Senators left Washington in March amid broad stay-at-home policies imposed in most of the country intended to slow the spread of the virus. They are not due to return until next week.

30 April 2020

News Source Reuters

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