Looking again after demolishing the rest of the South Florida condo Building

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Rescuers have given all the clarity to resume search work on a collapsed apartment building in South Florida after demolition crews set a series of explosives that brought down the last of the building in a column of dust.

During the demolition, the explosions reverberated strongly from the structure. Then the building began to collapse, floor to floor, turning into a blast of dust. The feathers rose into the air, as the crowd watched the scene from afar.

Some residents had demanded to return to their homes one last time before the demolition to retrieve their hastily abandoned belongings, but this was rejected. Others questioned which pets were left behind, although authorities said they found no signs of animals after conducting three recent surveys, including the use of drones to observe the abandoned building.

Levine Cava said officials have been explaining their decisions to survivors since the search and rescue began.

The decision to demolish the remains of the Surfside building came after growing concerns that the damaged structure was in danger of collapsing, endangering crews below and preventing them from working in some areas. Parts of the remaining building were moved Thursday, suspending work for 15 hours.

Authorities went door-to-door to inform nearby residents of the timing of the demolition and to ask them to keep the windows closed. They were asked to stay indoors for up to two hours after the explosion to avoid implosion dust.

The method used in Sunday night's demolition is called “energetic felling,” which uses small detonators and relies on the force of gravity. The goal was to demolish the building in place and to contain the collapse in its immediate surroundings.

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5 July 2021

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