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Lola Lennox follows in mother Annie's footsteps with single release

La Lennoxa Touring inc./XIX Entertainment/Handout via REUTERS

Having a Grammy award-winning mother setting the standard wasn’t always easy for singer Lola Lennox - but any initial intimidation she felt she managed to turn into drive, she said.

The 29-year-old, who is the daughter of singer-songwriter and former Eurythmics star Annie Lennox, has just released the single “Back At Wrong.”

“I wrote the song about a relationship that was as exciting and passionate as it was tragic and difficult,” she told Reuters in an interview from her home in Los Angeles, California.

“I think everyone has those kind of compulsive relationships …you know you’re in a bit of a mess but you keep going back to it,” she said, adding that she’s not in it any more.

Lola Lennox, who started singing when she was eight years old, said becoming a singer wasn’t always a smooth journey. She had to overcome self-doubt and work hard to feel ready to launch her music career: “I really wanted to get … to a level that I was proud of,” she said.

27 August 2020

News Source Reuters

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