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LeBron James on NFL settlement: 'I stand with Kaep'

When news came out on Friday that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid reached a financial settlement with the NFL to end their joint collusion suit, the sports world was stunned.

Although a confidential agreement bars any party from talking about how much — if anything — was paid, the consensus seems to be that the former 49ers QB would have only settled if they came into a major windfall.

This was extremely welcomed news to one of Kaepernick’s biggest supporters and one of the most visible athletes: LeBron James.

“It’s important to stick up for what you believe in, you know what I’m saying? I stand with Kaep. I kneel with Kaep,” James said. “I just feel what he was talking about, nobody wanted to listen to him. Nobody ever really wanted to actually understand where he was coming from. I think that anybody that will sacrifice their livelihood for the better of all of us, I can respect that. And he’s done that. You’ve got a guy who basically lost his job because he wanted to stand for something that was bigger than just him.”

“I’m happy to see the news come out yesterday that he won his suit,” James added. “I hope it’s a hell of a lot of money that can set not only him up but set his family up, set his grandkids up for the rest of their lives. I hope that the word of what he did will live on throughout American history but also world history because it’s important for all of us, not only African-Americans but for everybody that wants to stand up for something that’s more important than them.”

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