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Kushner slams Palestinians for acting 'hysterical and stupid'

Jared Kushner is pictuered here. | AP Photo

Jared Kushner, President trump's son-in-law, and senior adviser blasted the Palestinian management for acting “hysterical and stupid” after refusing to participate within participate in the peace conference in Bahrain.

Kushner, who heads the Trump Administration's efforts to find an approach to the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, made the remark Wednesday throughout a conference call, axios reported.

He stated that Palestinian Officials additionally made a “strategic mistake” via not collaborating in the convention in Bahrain week ago, attended by officials and Business leaders across the Arab global, where he unveiled the economics a part of the peace plan.

“The door is always open for the Palestinian leadership. ... If they stop saying crazy things and engage, they will see there is an opportunity here,” Kushner said. “We respect President Abbas and we believe he wants to make peace, and we want to give him the opportunity to try and do it.”

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5th July 2019

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