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Kellyanne Conway defend Trump

Kellyanne Conway defended President Donald Trump's after he attacks on her husband, George Conway, on Wednesday, claiming he is "a counterpart" and asserting that the president is free to respond when he’s accused of having a mental illness.

"Don't play a psychiatrist more than George should be," she added. "You are not a psychiatrist and he is not, with respect."

"George Conway, often named Mr. Kellyanne Conway by those who know him, is very jealous of his wife's success and angry that I didn't give him the job he wanted so badly with her help," Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. "I barely know him but just look, a stone-cold LOSER & husband from hell!"

Later on Wednesday, Trump left the Twitter dispute offline, telling reporters that George Conway is a "good job" and doing a "tremendous bad service to a wonderful wife"

George Conway responded kindly to the latest attacks, sending more than two dozen tweets Wednesday in which he called Trump "nuts" and reaffirmed his claim that the president suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder....

In the interview with POLITICO on Wednesday, Kellyanne Conway said that Trump has treated her with the utmost respect.

"The president is clearly defending me," she said. "He could say to me," Honey, you're a distraction. We love you. You will always be a part of the family, but you will be with your children. They need you. Go make a million dollars an hour. Go do that honey. "It's the opposite."

She also said that her effectiveness as Trump's counsel was not influenced by Trump who beat her husband.

"Why would it affect my job? Hasn't everyone tried to push me out and here I am, stronger than ever," she said. "You look at it the wrong way."

"Yesterday, George spent the day tweeting about the president," she commented. "I spent my day giving two one-hour briefings with press and intergovernmental affairs, people from all over the country and then more than one hour briefing that I led in the Oval Office with the president and first lady in the cabinet over opioids in a year, so this is what I am doing here. I think it will probably look different if everyone becomes "Gossip Girl."

CTM News | 20th March 2019

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