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Judge abrupt US government policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico

A judge recently abrupt the Trump Administration's policy of sending some refugees across the southern border to wait for their cases in Mexico, which led the government to expand the recent influx of migrants.

According to the order of US District Judge Richard Seiburg in San Francisco, the government was determined to decide on Friday. Initial injunction will be applicable nationwide.

In the late night tweet, US President Donald Trump said, "The 9th Circuit Judge just ruled that Mexico is very dangerous for migrants, so it is unfair to US control!"

The program was started in January and was one of the many policies aimed at slowing the growing number of immigrants to the border, many of those families in Central America, who reached the highest level in a decade last month.

For how long the children are legally allowed to detain the children, for this reason, many families are released to wait for the hearing of the American Immigration Court, a process that can take years due to backlog ballooning. is.

The Trump Administration said that last week it planned to extend the program to send some migrants to the Mexican border cities to wait for the dates of their American courts, under the policy of migrant security protocol or MPP.

CTM News | 9th April 2019

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