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Joe Biden seeks South Carolina's decisive victory to breathe life into a presidential bid

Former Vice President Joe Biden seeks a decisive victory in the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Saturday to resurrect his presidential hopes, while Bernie Sanders aims to consolidate his status as the main candidate for the nomination of the party.

South Carolina, where African Americans represent 60% of the Democratic electorate, is considered the final stop for Biden, the former champion who has been dragged into national polls after poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

His second in the Nevada Capitals a week ago - while still behind Sanders, a senator from Vermont - has given his campaign a fresh impetus, and polls show he is in a good position to win Palmetto State.

For several months, Biden's campaign has argued that South Carolina would serve as a "firewall" given its power among African-American voters, and Biden himself has suggested that anything less than a victory would endanger his campaign.

29 Feb 2020

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