Joe Biden Blames 'Defund the Police' for suffering in the 2020 general election

According to The Daily Mail Joe Biden reportedly told a group of civil rights leaders that the phrase “defund the police” led to Democrats suffering in the 2020 general election.

The Daily Mail claims that Bad News got the audio of the meeting, which was not identified as a website or news source. In the recording, which was not published by the Daily Mail, Biden is alleged to have said, "This is how we were beaten all over the country, saying we're talking about defunding the police.”."

According to the Daily Mail “We're talking about giving them money to do the right things,” Joe Biden said. “We're talking about putting more psychologists and psychiatrists on the telephones when the 911 calls through. We're talking about spending money to enable them to do their jobs better, not with more force, with less force and more understanding.”


10 Dec 2020

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