Jeff Van Drew, who resigned from the Democrats due to impeachment, was re-elected Republican

The Associated Press reported Friday that Rep. Jeff Van Drew (RN), who left the Democratic Party last year due to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, officially won reelection.

It is extremely rare for members of Congress to change parties, and extremely rare for them to win reelection after doing so.

Van Drew blamed the party's growing intolerance and radicalism for driving him away.

"This is me," Van Drew told reporters at the White House after announcing his change: "I've always been myself, but there was more tolerance towards moderate Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, conservative Democrats, and I think that will fade. "

Van Drew quoted the late President Ronald Reagan as, "I didn't leave my party, my party left me." He also pledged to support Trump in 2020.


6 November 2020

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