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Jeff Bezos was an obstacle to the New York project in the Amazon, suggests the mayor de Blasio

The Mayor of Blasio has found a new explanation for why Amazon withdrew from the city of Long Island: the torrid and well-photographed business of CEO Jeff Bezos.

"I think we could all say that at that moment in time unusual things happened within the Amazon family, and that was said in an educated way, clearly, some unusual factors were happening, we know who is the most responsible for making decisions", De Blasio said in questioning about the MSNBC Morning Joe deal.

That seems to be a clear reference to Bezos, who in the weeks before the agreement said he was being blackmailed by the National Enquirer, which had threatened to publish crotch shots that he had sent to his lover, Lauren Sanchez. Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are divorcing.

But when De Blasio was asked to defend his claim "politely," he writhed.

CTM News | 15th March 2019

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