Israeli television report: Israel Warns ‘Nothing to Discuss’ with Biden if Iran Deal Renewed

An Israeli TV report on Wednesday citing a "high-ranking Israeli official" said that if President Joe Biden returns to the deal with Iran, it could lead to a crisis in US-Israel relations.

Shortly after Biden was inaugurated, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video statement congratulating the new president but urging him to continue what his predecessor, Donald Trump, had begun and confront Iran. He said:

President Biden, you and I have had a warm personal friendship going back many decades. I look forward to working with you to further strengthen the US-Israel alliance, to continue expanding peace between Israel and the Arab world, and to confront common challenges — chief among them the threat posed by Iran.

According to the Jewish Insider report, Robert Malley, who held the position of National Security Officer in the Obama administration, maybe chosen by President Biden for the role of the special envoy on Iran.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed the end of the "sinister rule" of the "tyrant" Trump, who he claimed has caused trouble around the world.

President Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran, which included severe sanctions on the regime's ballistic missile program and other dishonest activities, came after he withdrew from nuclear Iran deal in 2018.

A “tyrant’s era came to an end and today is the final day of his ominous reign,” Rouhani said in televised remarks.

Once a purity of 20 percent is reached, it is a short technical step for the centrifuge to obtain a level of 90 percent or even higher enrichment.

Britain, France, and Germany, the European signatories to the agreement, warned on Saturday that Tehran "has no reliable civilian use" of uranium.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian last week also warned Iran aimed to acquire nuclear weapons and blamed Trump for allowing it to happen.

According to a report last week on Israeli Channel 12 news, the Biden administration has already developed its plan to return to the nuclear deal and have begun quiet talks with Iran.

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21 Jan 2020

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