In the North Atlantic, a Russian submarine collided with the British warship

It has been reported that a British Royal Navy cruiser collided with a Russian submarine while on patrol in the North Atlantic Ocean in late 2020.

The collision occurred while HMS Northumberland, a Type 23 frigate, was hunting for the submarine in the Arctic Circle after it vanished from view.

The submarine destroyed the warship's radar, which was trailed hundreds of meters behind it and was equipped with sensitive hydrophones for underwater listening. As a result, the cruiser was forced to return to a Scottish port to have its sonar updated.

A documentary crew from Britain's Channel 5 television network was recording a series called Warship: Life At Sea when the tragedy occurred.

"In late 2020, a Russian submarine being followed by HMS Northumberland came into touch with her towed array sonar," an MoD spokesman said.

7 Jan 2022

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