In a final Presidential Debate Trump defended his approach to the COVID-19 outbreak

Trump has defended his approach to the outbreak of the pandemic, claiming that the worst pandemic was in the past, while reiterating his view that if he does not act quickly to close travel from China, the death toll would be several times higher.

"We're rounding the corner," said President Trump, who has played down the virus for months. "It's going away."

President Trump also said that a vaccine could be "weeks away." Most experts, including administration officials, said it is unlikely that the vaccine will be widely available until mid-2021.

Trump repeated his allegations that Biden and his son Hunter are involved in unethical practices and influence-peddling in China and Ukraine, referring to the contents of a laptop linked to the young Biden. Biden called it false and corrupt of credibility.

Candidates kept wrangling repeatedly, and unsurprisingly, over health care and China policy and after months of protests against racism, race relations with Biden and argued that Trump was "one of the most racist presidents" of history.

"He pours fuel on every single racist fire," Joe Biden said. "This guy has a dog whistle as big as a foghorn."

Trump responded by criticizing Biden's authorship of the 1994 crime bill that increased the incarceration of minority suspects while claiming that he did more to black Americans than any president except for the "potential" of Abraham Lincoln in the decade. From 1860.

"As far as my relationships with all people, I think I have great relationships with all people," President Trumpsaid. "I am the least racist person in this room."

CTM News

23 Oct 2020

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