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Hungary, South Korea seek thorough probe into fatal Budapest boat accident

By Reuters

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday he had asked for a thorough investigation into a boat accident on the Danube River in Budapest that killed at least seven South Korean tourists this week.

Hungarian police said late on Thursday they had taken into custody the captain of a 440-foot (135-metre) cruise ship, which hit and sank a smaller pleasure boat where a Korean tourist group was sightseeing. It was so far unclear what caused the accident.

Rescue teams have taken up positions on the surface above the sunken tourist boat and divers have attempted to approach the wreckage, but the flooding river meant conditions were poor and the work could take a long time, the government said.

“One is shaken by this ... an accident happened where passengers had almost no chance for survival,” Orban told state radio, offering condolences to relatives of the victims.

“I have asked the authorities to carry out a strict and thorough investigation,” he said.


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