Hundreds of migrants have been killed as a result of Joe Biden's open-border disaster


“Everyone in the Biden administration and in the advocacy groups, and the NGOs that participate in this, should be ashamed of what is happening.,” Jessica Vaughan, the policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said. She continued:

According to press reports, at least 50, and perhaps 200, migrants have perished in the Panama forest while attempting to reach President Joe Biden's dangling offer of work in the United States.

The Associated Press reported on October 4, On a recent day, white-suited workmen buried 15 sets of bones in a large hole near the cemetery's rear. A modest service was held by a local priest standing at the head of the trench with a candle, crucifix, and flowers. Handwritten clues on the white corpse bags read: "Unknown in Bajo Grande," "Unknown in Turquesa River," and "Unknown #3, Minor."

So far this year, Panama has discovered at least 50 sets of remains from migrants crossing the Darien Gap, a figure that officials estimate represents only a fraction of those who perished in the thick, uncontrolled forest. In prior years, 20 to 30 bodies have been discovered on average every year, but this year, Panamanian police believe more than 90,000 migrants — primarily Haitians — have passed the Darien Gap from Colombia, and the death count reflects that surge.

“Migrants have been buried in at least a half-dozen other communities in Darien,” the AP reported.

Several of the economic refugees tell the reporters that they are looking for good work. Economic refugees are barred from entering the United States under current immigration policies, but Biden's subordinates continue to enable them to work in the United States for at least many years while they wait to file their cases in court.

Many refugees travel through the forest with their young kids. They do so because, although the Title 42 legal restriction against migrants, Biden's border director, Alejandro Mayorkas, enables many families with kids to cross the border.

05 October 2021

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