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Houston resident Jade Simmons running for President as an Independent Candidate

Jade Simmons, is an American classical concert pianist, art presenter and art entrepreneur, author. The Washington Post reviewed her performance and said she is "a clear, powerful pianist with a magnetic personality... worth seeing any time.

Jade Simmons has crowned Miss Chicago and Miss Illinois in 1999 and was named first runner-up at the Miss America 2000 pageant.

Jade Simmons, of Kingwood, is running for U.S. president as an independent.

Jade Simmons believes that she brings a new lane of experience to the table, eschewing the traditional path of politicians who have come before her. s seen what politics, as usual, can do. It’s time now for a fresh take and a new vision.

Jade Simmons kicked off a campaign to run for president on Feb. 28. She will run as an independent, a theme that is central to her campaign.

Jade Simmons also recognizes the inherent challenges of being an independent candidate she is not from one of the two main parties. While acknowledging the difficulty.

Simmons believes she is the ideal candidate for the nation, considering the current state of the nation. Simmons is running as an unaffiliated individual. She said she believes the people of the country are not being served by the Republican and Democratic parties.

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15 September 2020

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